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Summer Reads: Inspiring Books About Infertility

  1. How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup by Greg Wolfe
    A favorite from our nursing staff, How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup is a funny and smart approach is a guy’s guide to infertility addressing important issues like the age old question: boxers or briefs? A great man’s perspective that can also shed light for the female reader on what her partner may be experiencing.
    Find How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup on Amazon
  2. Waiting for DaisyWaiting for Daisy by Peggy Orenstein
    In this true to life story, Peggy Orenstein shares her very own fertility journey with readers. This witty memoir explores the roller coaster ride that is fertility treatment from injections to the dreaded two week wait – including a diagnosis of breast cancer and multiple miscarriages.
    Find Waiting for Daisy on Amazon
  3. Unsung LullabiesUnsung Lullabies by Janet Jaffee, PhD, Martha Diamond, PhD, and David Diamond, PhD
    Unsung Lullabies acknowledges all the emotions that you face when experiencing infertility. The books aims to give couples the tools to reduce their sense of helplessness, identify their partner’s coping style, and learn to listen to their conscious and unconscious thoughts about having a family.
    Find Unsung Lullabies on Amazon
  4. Laughing IS ConceivableLaughing IS Conceivable by Lori Shandle-Fox
    Amazon editors agree, that Laughing IS Conceivable is one of the “Best Books of 2013 So Far.” This quick and very funny book was written while the author was going through IUI and IVF treatments.
    Find Laughing IS Conceivable on Amazon

There are so many great books about infertility covering different aspects of the journey. Here are a few more that you might enjoy:

  • When the Cradle is Empty, Answer Tough Questions About Infertility by John Van Regenmorter
  • Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult
  • Mom and Me… the Way It Should Be by Tina Rella
  • Journey to Destiny, Traveling Through Infertility by Danielle Kinsey
  • Every Drunken Cheerleader: Why Not Me? By Kristine Ireland Waits
  • Savvy Woman’s Guide to PCOS by Elizabeth Lee Vliet
  • Confessions of the Other Mother: Non-Biological Lesbian Moms Tell All by Harlyn Aizley
  • Wanting Another Child: Coping with Secondary Infertility by Harriet Fishman Simons
  • For the Love of Angela by Nancy Mayer-Whittington
  • I’m Taking My Eggs and Going Home by Lisa Manterfield

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