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Therapies for Fertility & Stress

Therapy comes in different forms, from yoga to deep conversations. Infertility causes excess amounts of stress which can lead to depression and anxiety. Therapy can improve overall emotional well-being and studies show improved pregnancy rates for couples in mind-body therapy. Mind-body therapy can specifically help in coping with stress from infertility and the treatments associated. Check out these tips from our Raleigh NC fertility center.


Whether it is exercise, yoga, or acupuncture, there are various forms of meditative therapy. Meditation encourages the mind to move away from a rushed state of mind to a relaxed and focused state of mind. This does not mean to completely clear the mind but instead focus on letting thoughts and feelings flow without stopping on a specific idea. Meditation is typically done in yoga classes with a combination of breathing exercises and physical postures. Yoga can ultimately help emotionally calm women awaiting NCCRM IVF treatment. NCCRM IVF patients are recommended to use acupuncture as studies show improved pregnancy rates among women who use acupuncture to reduce stress and relax.

Fertility Therapy

There are two main styles of therapy that is recommended for women and couples struggling with infertility. The first is cognitive-behavioral therapy which helps to replace negative thoughts with more positive and realistic ones with deep relaxation and anxiety-reducing breathing techniques. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is proven to be one of the most effective therapies for anxiety and depression associated with infertility. The second style of therapy is group therapy. Group therapy sessions include a group of individuals or couples with similar struggles talking about their lives and concerns with the guidance of the therapist. This form of therapy is helpful in not feeling alone and reassure you that others are going through the same struggles and understand you.


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