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Why You Might Need Liposuction Before Your Tubal Reversal Surgery NC

For those looking to get a tubal reversal North Carolina, patients might be surprised to find out that liposuction could be required before the procedure. This recommendation is not uncommon, as it can drastically aid the doctor in performing your procedure and allow for better results. Here are just a few reasons why a patient might need liposuction before undergoing a tubal reversal surgery NC and an explanation of what the surgery entails.

What is Tubal Reversal North Carolina?

Tubal ligation is a procedure involving the cutting or blocking of the fallopian tubes to prevent an ovum from reaching the uterus. In certain circumstances, patients prefer to have this procedure reversed, which is referred to as a tubal ligation reversal. It can be reversed if the patient desires to become pregnant. Tubal reversal surgery NC performed at NCCRM is quick and has a shortened recovery time depending on the patient.

How Liposuction Can Help

Liposuction is the process of removing fat deposits from certain areas of the body, most commonly in the abdominal area. If surgery is scheduled to be performed in this area, some fat deposits might require removal. Liposuction is not done for cosmetic reasons, only to reduce risk to the uterus and fallopian tubes during a tubal reversal North Carolina. If the patient has a BMI of 29 or higher, liposuction might be required as part of the tubal reversal procedure.

A tubal reversal surgery NC is a precise procedure that requires a microscope to get as close to the fallopian tubes as possible. Removing excess fat in this area immediately before the surgery allows Dr. Toma to get the best-attainable view of the tubes, allowing for higher success rates and shorter surgery time.

NCCRM | Fertility Clinic Cary, NC

At NCCRM, we want to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible, and we do our best to exhaust all other treatment options before performing surgery. However, in cases such as a tubal reversal North Carolina procedure, surgery might be required. We wouldn’t recommend anything that wouldn’t ultimately benefit the patient and their health. If you are looking for fertility treatments or tubal reversal surgery NC, please visit our website to learn more.

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