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Women Seeking Essure Removals

Remember the Academy Award nominated blockbuster film, Erin Brockovich?  The film starred Julia Roberts and followed the real life story of Brockovich (pictured below) who fought against the energy corporation, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

Erin Brockovich, Essure Lawsuit

Now, Brockovich is leading the fight against the maker of Essure, a permanent birth control option that many women claim causes devastating health issues. Here at NCCRM, we also have heard countless stories from women who are dealing with Essure side-effects, ranging from severe headaches and abdominal pain to colon perforation. Our experienced medical team can relieve your discomfort with a safe Essure Removal.

A Safe Solution: Essure Removal

Dr. Sameh Toma is a microsurgeon who is highly experienced in safely removing the Essure device.  While the Essure insertion is done vaginally and without anesthesia, microsurgery is required to remove it. When the Essure device is inserted into the fallopian tube, a barrier wall of tissue is formed to block sperm from reaching the egg. Within 3 months the device is embedded into the walls of the fallopian tubes. This microsurgery is done in order to safely remove all three components of the device and any coil fragments.  For women who still do not want to become pregnant, a tubal occlusion is done at the time the Essure device is removed. The microsurgery takes about one hour and is done under general anesthesia through a 2-4 inch bikini incision. Recovery is usually five to seven days.

Women who visit NCCRM know they are in good hands with the experienced, micro-surgical skills and techniques of Dr. Toma for a safe Essure removal and tubal occlusion.  Learn more here.

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